The Erik Karlsson fiasco is officially over in Ottawa

Things haven’t been going well for Senators fans lately. From their erratic owner, Eugene Melnyk, to finishing 30th in the NHL last season, hope for success seemed to be fading in Ottawa. Yesterday, a chapter closed on their tumultuous year, as Erik Karlsson was traded to the San Jose Sharks.

In exchange for the two-time Norris Trophy winner, Ottawa will receive four players — forward Chris Tierney, defenceman Dylan DeMelo, and forward prospects Josh Norris and Rudolfs Balcers — as well as a first-round draft pick (2019 or 2020) and a second-round pick in 2019. If the Sharks miss the playoffs in 2018-19, that first-rounder will be in 2019; otherwise, it’s a 2020 first-round pick that will go to Ottawa.

This marks the end of an unusual ongoing situation in Ottawa. Sadly, tragedy struck Erik and wife Melinda Karlsson as they lost their unborn son in March – just a month before the baby was due. Making matters worse, Melinda and Monika Caryk (girlfriend of Mike Hoffman) had a public feud where Melinda had accused Monika of ruthless cyberbullying, including wishing death upon their unborn child and hoping that someone takes out Erik’s legs to end his career. None of these allegations have been proven, and Caryk vehemently denies to be the culprit of these attacks.

Trading Karlsson was part two of clearing the air in Ottawa – part one was when Mike Hoffman was traded to San Jose (then immediately flipped to Florida) back in June. Trading away their franchise player may mark the start of the turn-around in Ottawa.

So long, to the duo that created the greatest stretch pass goal in NHL history…

for erik karlsson pass gif

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The Stanley Cup has conquered the Great Wall of China

The Stanley Cup is known to the be the life of the party at exclusive NHL events throughout the summer.  Whether being filled with alcohol or hot dogs (Phil Kessel, we’re looking at you), Lord Stanley has seen its share of travels, parties, and has posed for photos with some of the world’s most well-known celebrities and hockey players.


Yes, the Stanley Cup has become a celebrity of its own and has seen much of the world, but this past weekend the Stanley Cup took on a new venture – climbing The Great Wall of China.  As part of the NHL’s commitment to growing hockey globally, the Stanley Cup was brought to China ahead of the 2018 NHL China Games which begin this week.  The Stanley Cup made several stops around Beijing and headed to Hong Kong on Tuesday before it makes its way to Shenzhen on Thursday.

The Boston Bruins will face-off against the Calgary Flames on September 15 and September 19 in Shenzhen.

broken hockey stick repair


“For us to make hockey relevant in China it’s more of a two-pronged approach,” Daly said. “It’s a lot different from European markets, where hockey is developed. I think we have to be committed to grassroots youth hockey. We have to work with other parties who are willing to work on that, whether it be the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation), whether it be the KHL (Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League), anybody who is interested in building grassroots hockey. But we also think there is some value to bringing the world’s greatest players, the world’s greatest teams there so they can see hockey at its highest level. It’s important to expose our players, our teams in person. The Kings and Canucks laid some groundwork. We want to continue that going forward if not on a year to year basis certainly on a frequent basis.”

phil kessel hot dogs stanley cup

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This one unbelievable stat shows just how great Wayne Gretzky was…

Wayne Gretzky, known as “The Great One”, is said to be the greatest hockey player of all time.  Some argue against this, saying that he would only be a mediocre player in today’s game.  Time to blow that argument to smithereens…

One Reddit user pointed out an incredible stat about Wayne Gretzky which helps to disprove any arguments against him being the greatest player of all time.

Gretzky retired at the end of the 1998-99 season, totaling 2857 points in 1487 games (1.92 points-per-game).  Had he not retired and continued to play until today, he would have played an additional 1,360 season games.  If he played all additional 1,360 games without recording a single point, he would have only fallen below the point-per-game mark during this past season.

By comparison, there are only five active NHL players (with 500 games played or more) above 1.0 points-per-game:

Rk Name Born  Pos  GP   G   A   P   PIM   +/-   PPG   SHG  GWG  G/GP  A/GP   P/GP 
1 CA   Sidney Crosby 1987 F  864  411  705  1116  622  165  124  3  57  0.476  0.816  1.292
2 RU   Evgeni Malkin 1986 F  784  370  560  930  813  91  133  4  63  0.472  0.714  1.186
3 RU   Alexander Ovechkin 1985 F  1003  607  515  1122  649  87  229  4  102  0.605  0.513  1.119
4 US   Patrick Kane 1988 F  822  312  516  828  316  59  91  0  53  0.380  0.628  1.007
5 CA   Steven Stamkos 1990 F  664  348  320  668  440  26  126  3  49  0.524  0.482  1.006

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest player of all time, case closed.

Wayne Gretzky integral hockey

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The Exciting Lives Of the All-Stars Off the Ice!

During the Hockey season, we all know what the allstars are up to. Training, doing promotional content for brands, going from city to city, and of course playing our favourite game, but does anyone pay attention to what they’re getting up to during the off season? Well lucky for you, we have been keeping an eye on some of their social media accounts, so keep reading if you’re interested in being caught up with some of your favourite hockey players’ lives.

Connor McDavid (@cmdavid97

Connor McDavid looks like he caught the travelling bug. According to his Instagram and Twitter, he has been travelling through Europe with his girlfriend, and friends. From what we can tell, they made their first trip in Amsterdam, and then about a week later headed up to France, and even visited the French Open Tennis Tournament.

Connor Mcdavid has stayed relatively quiet this Summer on his social media accounts, but we do know that he went to the NHL Awards,was nominated and won the Ted Lindsay Award, which was for being the most outstanding player as voted by the NHLPA. Good for you Connor!

He even did a meet and greet for his fans that was sponsored by CIBC in Brampton!

So it looks, like McDavid has had a busy summer and we can’t wait to see him back on the ice!

P.K. Subban (@subbanator)

Unlike McDavid, P.K. Can’t seem to stay off of his phone. His Instagram Portrays that he has been training intensely, but partying just as hard. He even uploaded a photo of him with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

His high energy, and charismatic personality, renders him to be a bit of a social media star. He enjoys messing around, and letting his followers see his sillier side, to keep up his side gig as an Internet Personality.


Earlier this summer he went travelling to Italy, and ended up taking a hilarious picture of him that ended up going viral, and became the biggest hockey meme of the season.


A week later him and his girlfriend modeled for Sports Illustrated front cover. Talk about being busy!


His Last big Summer venture, was being nominated for a Kids Choice Sport Award! Here’s his announcement:

A couple honorable mentions include, making it onto the cover of EA Sports NHL 19, attending the CMT Music Awards, as well as going to the MILE 22 premier with his girlfriend.

We hope that he posts as much during the on season this year, because he has an extremely entertaining Instagram. We recommend you give him a follow!

Henrik Lundqvist(@hank30nyr)

Family-man, all around class act, and New York Rangers goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist is, an active instagrammer (one of the most followed NHL Players too). He started off his summer hanging out with his daughter Charlise.

That’s not to say he doesn’t do anything exciting though! He attended Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and managed to take some pictures for the gram.

Henrik and his Rangers team mate Mats Zuccarello hosted the Summer Classic 2018 game in Oslo, Norway. In this event the two teammates handpicked teams to play from a variety of all star teams.

You can check out the Summer Classic website here!

But, of course Henrik being a man of many talents, also did a live concert with his band “The Noise Upstairs” and uploaded a video of them covering Sweet Child O’mine by Guns and Roses, and they killed it.


As we were writing this blog, he uploaded another picture to his Instagram, which proves even more so, that he is not your typical dad. It looks like he had some fun today racing a sports car around a track. At the Integral Hockey office we are hoping he uploads some footage of him burning some rubber!

We’re you surprised about some of the things that these NHL pros were up too in the off season? let us know your take on it in the comments!

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Jarome Iginla: How He Gives Back to the Community

After 19 years of playing, Jarome Iginla has decided to finally hang up the skates. In his career he played over a whopping 1,500 games, ending it off with 625 goals and 675 assists, leaving it at a clean 1,300 points in total. He played for 5 different NHL teams; Calgary flames, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, and Los Angeles Kings. He was the 18th captain of the Calgary Flames and played 16 seasons for them. The Flames ended up holding a retirement press conference to honor all the years he played for them.

Integral Hockey would like to honor Jarome Iginla’s retirement, by recognizing his generosity, and kindness as a player on and off the ice, and shout out all his acts of kindness. One of which was for every goal he scored he donated $1,000 dollars to Kidsport; an organization which raises money to help underprivileged children to afford sports.

Integral Hockey is also proud to be supporters of Kidsport, and you can check them out here: Later Iginla ended up raising the stakes to $2,000 per goal he scored. This venture ended up raising $700,000 for Kidsport between 2000-2013. This was enough to fund hundreds of kids expenses to be be able to play hockey for years.



He opened the Jarome Iginla Hockey School in Calgary, which he donates 100% of the proceeds to a variety of different charities. In 2009 alone Iginla’s hockey school raised $35,000 for the Ronald McDonald house of Southern Alberta, and $38,000 in 2010. He also donates his school’s proceeds to the Diabetes Research Association.

So, for those reasons we celebrate your retirement and you, as a down to earth, sportsmanlike kind of player. We hope more like you from the NHL will help as many people as you did.

Thank you Iginla,


Integral Hockey


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Value of the World Cup vs other professional trophies

In light of the FIFA World Cup wrapping up yesterday, after France defeated Croatia 4-2, we will briefly turn our attention towards soccer – particularly, the most famous trophy in the world which is awarded to the top soccer nation.  Weighing 6.1 kilograms, the 18 karat gold trophy was designed by Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga in 1971.  At the time, the trophy was worth $50,000.  Today, the value of the World Cup is an estimated $20 million.

 world cup France



So how does this compare to other famous professional sports trophies?  Well, let’s see…


World Series Trophy (MLB)

Image result for world series trophy



Larry O’Brien (NBA)
Image result for Larry O'Brien trophy

Vince Lombardi (NFL)
Image result for super bowl trophy

Stanley Cup (NHL)
Related image

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Coaches, Parents and Players Offering International Hockey Stick Repair Coverage

Each individual Integral Hockey location is locally owned and operated by a hockey enthusiast, and most Integral Hockey owners are even coaches.  These owners are operating their business out of their home, and offer a very personalized service to the local hockey community through their passion of the sport, and willingness to help save all hockey players and other parents a tremendous amount of money every season. With over 100 locations, our services are easy to access from most places in North America

Integral Hockey franchise owners are all die hard Hockey fans. Most owners coach their own teams, and many of them have children in a local hockey league. They understand the costs of hockey equipment, and got into this business so they could help others, save time and money. Integral Hockey even has some ex NHL players running franchises such as Andre Dore; an ex New York Ranger, who owns Integral Hockey Connecticut.

Owners of Integral Hockey Franchises usually set up shop in their own homes, which allows them a more flexible schedule (for most owners this is a side job). This allows them to finish their repair quickly, and efficiently, as well as being able to give you the support you need to make your own customized twig. They are supporters of their local hockey communities, and enjoy watching the local hockey thrive.

Integral Hockey has reached a whopping 109 locations. With this many locations throughout North America we are finally reaching our intended audience, and allowing most hockey players the opportunity to have their sticks repaired, or purchase repaired sticks through our many locations.

We are continuing to grow at a rapid pace throughout North America and we our determined to keep our reputation as the #1 stick repair company in the world. We are located in most major cities in Canada as well as many smaller towns, with our headquarters based out of Port Alberni, B.C.  43 of our locations are based out of the United States in cities such as Connecticut and Boston.

We are very excited to be in a position where we have Integral Hockey franchises/distributors spread out across North America to make them available to almost everybody who needs their hockey sticks repaired, whether you are in a major center Like Los Angeles, CA or northern Ontario chances are there is a local Integral Hockey owner close by.


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The party goes on for Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals

Five days have passed since the Washington Capitals hoisted the Stanley Cup, after defeating Las Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 in game five of the Stanley Cup finals.  The chapter that is the 2017-18 NHL season is now forever embedded into the NHL history books, with the names of the Washington Capitals players engraved into Lord Stanley’s mug.  History may have closed the door on this past season, but the party goes on, and on, and on…


Alexander Ovechkin was interviewed by Scott Oake on-ice after winning the Stanley Cup, and was not shy to let the hockey world know that it’s time to enjoy an alcohol induced celebration.


Surely winning the Stanley Cup is a team effort, though the party has been all about Conn Smythe winner, Alex Ovechkin, who has taken Stanley Cup partying to a whole new level.

From sleeping with the Stanley Cup, to swimming in a public fountain with his teammates, Alex Ovechkin is on cloud nine.


The Washington Nationals invited the Caps out for a ceremonial opening pitch (Note: Ovechkin botched the first pitch and asked for a redo)


Jay and Dan seem to sum up everything nicely here:



Even Jimmy Fallon got in on the partying action…

Whether you’re partying because you’re a Capitals fan, or partying because Integral Hockey just saved you a bunch of money on your broken hockey stick, we salute you!

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This Simple Advantage Could Give Washington A Big Boost To Win The Stanley Cup

Marc-André Fleury, joined the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2003, and played during the rivalry with the Washington Capitals. The Penguins and Capitals have been rivals since the early 90’s. The rivalry between the two giants of the NHL reached new heights in 2009, when Crosby and Ovechkin had their first playoff meeting. Unfortunately, for Ovie, and friends; Crosby, and the Penguins were able to outmatch them the majority of the time. 



In 2017 Penguins goaltender, Marc-André Fleury was drafted to the brand new expansion team: The Vegas Golden Knights for their first season. The Golden Knights, have been performing phenomenally, up until the recent Washington playoff games. Perhaps, this is the result of the Caps knowing how the ex-Pens goalie plays, but without having Crosby (arguably the best player in the league) there to back him up. After playing against Fleury so much while he was a penguin, Washington players are bound to know his technique, style and, tricks that he has up his sleeve.


On the other end of the spectrum the same could be said about Fleury. He should be familiar with the play-style of the Washington Capitals. Is it possible that Fleury has just been having a stroke of bad luck? Could it be his team is getting cocky, or just not playing as defensively as they should be?


On top of this potential advantage, Capitals star player Ovechkin, is a man possessed this playoffs season. He is desperate for a cup, and he has been proving himself worthy of one this year. He has evolved throughout his career from scoring dynamo to all around team leader, and is now raising his shot blocks and back check game to the next level.

Although the Vegas Golden Knights are down 3-1, the team encourages their fans with a light-hearted tweet to have faith. “crazier things have happened than a team coming back from a 3-1 series deficit. Like an expansion team advancing to the Stanley Cup Final for example“. 

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Hockey Stick Repair Company Receives Canadian Patent

Hollow carbon fibre repair – maintaining the performance of the stick

Port Alberni, British Columbia, May 31, 2018 – Integral Hockey Stick Repair has just received its Canadian patent (2,866,765), today after years of scrutiny from the patent office.  A revolutionary approach to hockey stick repair has been utilized by franchisees and distributors to help hockey families save money for years.

Integral Hockey Stick Repair currently has over 100 franchise and distributor locations using this aerospace technology in North America. This amazing process is patent protected in the US (9,630,291), eight different countries in Europe, and now finally in Canada.  “After years of watching these expensive sticks breaking daily, and being thrown out, I knew there had to be a solution” stated Randy Langille, creator of Integral Hockey. Langille invented the process to repair expensive hockey sticks, and took his idea to a patent attorney. With patent pending protection, he franchised his technology to allow quick growth, which would allow accessibility to all hockey players.  

Over 2,000,000 hockey sticks are produced annually for the North American market, and each one is destined to break, costing hockey families thousands of dollars.  “We have taken a very real problem, solved it with the most high-tech solution on the market, and we’re delivering it at a price that will work for everyone. Something we are very proud of.” said Randy Langille.  To date Integral Hockey Stick Repair has repaired over 62,000 hockey sticks saving players, parents, and teams more than $12,000,000.


Since the arrival of composite hockey sticks, manufacturers have been sacrificing strength for weight, which results in expensive sticks breaking at an alarming rate.   Integral Hockey Stick Repair takes these broken sticks, and repairs them with composite aerospace technology. There is no noticeable change in the end result with respect to weight, flex, kick-point and balance. Players at all levels are reporting that there is no compromise in the dynamics of their sticks once repaired, and enjoying the cost-savings benefits.


If you would like to learn more about this topic, please call Randy Langille 1-855-337-8425,, or visit

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