The Exciting Lives Of the All-Stars Off the Ice!

During the Hockey season, we all know what the allstars are up to. Training, doing promotional content for brands, going from city to city, and of course playing our favourite game, but does anyone pay attention to what they’re getting up to during the off season? Well lucky for you, we have been keeping an eye on some of their social media accounts, so keep reading if you’re interested in being caught up with some of your favourite hockey players’ lives.

Connor McDavid (@cmdavid97

Connor McDavid looks like he caught the travelling bug. According to his Instagram and Twitter, he has been travelling through Europe with his girlfriend, and friends. From what we can tell, they made their first trip in Amsterdam, and then about a week later headed up to France, and even visited the French Open Tennis Tournament.

Connor Mcdavid has stayed relatively quiet this Summer on his social media accounts, but we do know that he went to the NHL Awards,was nominated and won the Ted Lindsay Award, which was for being the most outstanding player as voted by the NHLPA. Good for you Connor!

He even did a meet and greet for his fans that was sponsored by CIBC in Brampton!

So it looks, like McDavid has had a busy summer and we can’t wait to see him back on the ice!

P.K. Subban (@subbanator)

Unlike McDavid, P.K. Can’t seem to stay off of his phone. His Instagram Portrays that he has been training intensely, but partying just as hard. He even uploaded a photo of him with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

His high energy, and charismatic personality, renders him to be a bit of a social media star. He enjoys messing around, and letting his followers see his sillier side, to keep up his side gig as an Internet Personality.


Earlier this summer he went travelling to Italy, and ended up taking a hilarious picture of him that ended up going viral, and became the biggest hockey meme of the season.


A week later him and his girlfriend modeled for Sports Illustrated front cover. Talk about being busy!


His Last big Summer venture, was being nominated for a Kids Choice Sport Award! Here’s his announcement:

A couple honorable mentions include, making it onto the cover of EA Sports NHL 19, attending the CMT Music Awards, as well as going to the MILE 22 premier with his girlfriend.

We hope that he posts as much during the on season this year, because he has an extremely entertaining Instagram. We recommend you give him a follow!

Henrik Lundqvist(@hank30nyr)

Family-man, all around class act, and New York Rangers goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist is, an active instagrammer (one of the most followed NHL Players too). He started off his summer hanging out with his daughter Charlise.

That’s not to say he doesn’t do anything exciting though! He attended Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and managed to take some pictures for the gram.

Henrik and his Rangers team mate Mats Zuccarello hosted the Summer Classic 2018 game in Oslo, Norway. In this event the two teammates handpicked teams to play from a variety of all star teams.

You can check out the Summer Classic website here!

But, of course Henrik being a man of many talents, also did a live concert with his band “The Noise Upstairs” and uploaded a video of them covering Sweet Child O’mine by Guns and Roses, and they killed it.


As we were writing this blog, he uploaded another picture to his Instagram, which proves even more so, that he is not your typical dad. It looks like he had some fun today racing a sports car around a track. At the Integral Hockey office we are hoping he uploads some footage of him burning some rubber!

We’re you surprised about some of the things that these NHL pros were up too in the off season? let us know your take on it in the comments!

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