99th location opens in a GREAT city…


Since the inception of Integral Hockey, we’ve saved tens of thousands of sticks from ending up in landfills, and have put them back onto the ice where they belong.  Not only has our revolutionary patented process helped many hockey players, but it’s also provided business opportunities for people with a passion for hockey.  Franchisee/distributor locations have rapidly grown all across North America, and we’re proud to announce the opening of our 99th location!

But why is the 99th location such a milestone for us?  It happens to be in the home of the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, in Brantford, Ontario.  Hockey stick technology has dramatically changed since Wayne’s playing days.  Wooden sticks were popular when Gretzky emerged into the NHL in 1979-80, which were basically trees shaved down and painted for aesthetics.




Yes, sticks have definitely changed during his years.  From the days of the wooden stick…

… to when Gretzky sported the Easton Aluminum (that craze didn’t last long) …

…to his final season with the Rangers, playing with a two-piece Hespler.


Gretzky has contributed so much to the game of hockey, which is why we are so proud to open Integral Hockey’s 99th location in his hometown of Brantford, Ontario.  This is an exciting time for us!  Wayne (if you’re reading this), next time you break a stick, you know where to go to get it repaired.  You’re always welcome to stop by!

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