Back to school means back to HOCKEY!

Sorry kids, summer is over and you’re probably just getting used to your daily school routine.  Take the good with the bad – not only does this time of year mark the beginning of school, but it’s also when hockey seasons start up.  There’s something so majestical about the start of the minor hockey seasons; breaking in new equipment, walking to the arena in shorts while the warm weather is still around, hanging out with all of your old hockey buddies again.  There truly is a buzz in the air for young hockey players.


At Integral Hockey, we get to see the excitement of minor hockey players on a first-hand basis when they get a stick that used to belong to one of their favourite pros.  At the same time their parents are just as excited, having saved about 70% on our refurbished composite sticks VS buying one brand new.

shayne corson hockey


I honestly couldn’t believe that it was refurbished.  The weight and response felt identical to the sticks that I used to use towards the end of my career, it was amazing.  I definitely recommend using sticks from Integral Hockey.”

Shayne Corson



So kids, do not be discouraged by “back to school”.  Back to school really means “back to hockey!”.

Ovechkin seems excited…

Image result for ovechkin locker gif

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