Best hockey hair of all time

You know it takes more than just grit and dangles to be a true hockey player.  That’s right, a hockey player wouldn’t be complete without having exceptional flow.  Throughout decades of our great game, hair has played an integral role in defining our athletes.  And today, we would like to honour those luscious locks that have said more about players than their skills.


Al Iafrate

Iafrate rocked one of the nastiest skullets in the history of the NHL, and possibly the world.  Don’t let the hair fool you though, he was a 4-time NHL All-Star, and was the previous record holder for the hardest slapshot, clocked at 105.2 MPH.


Jaromir Jagr

Very serious debate here:
What has been more impressive, Jagr’s ageless and successful career, or his timeless classic haircuts?  There is no wrong answer to this question, as he has been dominating the NHL from 1990 to present, and his hair is just as full as the day he turned pro.

He even has his own traveling fan club who sport every jersey that he’s dawned, along with his wigs that honour his signature hair.



Brent Burns

AKA Chewbacca, AKA Chewy.  If you’ve ever seen Star Wars, you have no reason to ask why his nickname is Chewbacca.  Burns has let his hair grow wild over the past few seasons, but that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the best defencemen in the NHL.  There were rumblings of him winning the Conn Smythe this year, had San Jose won the Stanley Cup.



Kerry Fraser

Who said refs can’t join this discussion?  Along with being known as one of the greatest refs in NHL history (besides the missed Gretzky high stick on Gilmour in the ’93 playoffs – Leafs fans are still bitter), Kerry Fraser has always had exceptional hair.  He could keep up with the fast pace of the game, get knocked over, separate heavy weights, and every hair would remain intact.  It was a sad day in the NHL when helmets became mandatory for refs, thus covering up Fraser’s beautiful head of hair.

fraser kerry


Guy Lafleur

Nicknamed, “Le Démon Blond”, which directly translates to the blond demon, Guy was known for flying though the opposition’s defence with his hair flowing behind him.  If you’re not old enough to remember Guy Lafleur, just watch Coaches Corner and listen to Don Cherry sing praises about the speedy forward.

Ryan Getzlaf

…just kidding.

Ryan Getzlaf

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