Broken sticks have been created quite a buzz throughout the NHL playoffs

Everyone felt bitter when watching Matt Calvert cross-check an unsuspecting Tom Kuhnhackl – dumb dumb.  Matt broke his stick on the play and earned himself a one-game suspension.  We’ll still repair your stick for you, Matt!

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Drake Caggiula first made hockey headlines when he scored a highlight reel goal for U of North Dakota, only to be knocked flat on his ass by the referee seconds later (see the video here).  He made SportsCentre after game one between Edmonton and San Jose, when his stick snapped in half on a breakaway.  Talk about bad timing! Drake, we offer broken hockey stick repairs in Edmonton!

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Teach me how to Dougie, teach me, teach me how to Dougie… unless it’s going to put my team on the penalty kill with only a few minutes left in the 3rd period.  Dougie Hamilton broke his stick on a cross-check to Ryan Getzlaf, which put Calgary on the penalty kill, and could be the pinpoint reason as to why the Flames lost the game.  A TV commentator was caught on the hot mic ripping into Dougie Hamilton,

“If you don’t rip Dougie Hamilton, I will. Stupidest f**king penalty you can take… Does he have a f**king brain? He doesn’t. He’s stupid as f**k.”



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