Business Meet Passion – How to own an Integral Hockey franchise

Have you been dreaming of running your own business?  Endless searching for a business that would suit your interests and passion?  Are you looking for a business that doesn’t cost $500,000.00, and won’t take five years before seeing a return on your investment?

Integral Hockey has a solution to combine business and pleasure, by allowing you to make money while at the rink.  You will be trained how to repair composite hockey sticks in the comfort of your own shop.

We have taken away all the guesswork, and wish to present you with:

  • Three days of training at your location
  • Patent pending technology
  • International and local brand awareness
  • Proven business models and marketing initiatives
  • Business cards and print material
  • Website and email set up
  • Eight week Marketing Action Plan
  • Business, technical, and emergency support 24/7
  • Direct access to over 90 Integral Hockey locations in North America

One main benefit of joining an existing franchise/distributor system is all the research and development, and market testing has already been proven very successful, and affordable.  Our product is so successful that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all repairs.

Over 2,000,000 hockey sticks are produced annually for the North American market, and unfortunately each one is destined to break.  You will have the opportunity to purchase broken, high end, pro stock sticks directly from local and national teams, repair them, and sell these refurbished sticks back to your community at a great profit.

Did you know Integral Hockey Franchisees/Distributors have saved parents, players and teams over $8,500,000.00, and have directly kept over 45,000 hockey sticks out of the landfill, and put them back on the ice?

As with all things, nothing worthwhile is easy or free.  Integral Hockey understands this concept, and we have taken every possible step to make this opportunity affordable.  Our business model is designed to work from home, and keep your current job while building your Integral Hockey business.

If owning your own business has ever appealed to you, and you are active, or wish to become more active in your hockey community then Integral Hockey would love the opportunity to start discussions with you.

Once trained you will be joining an incredible network of outstanding individuals from ex NHL’ers, movie stars, NYPD, RCMP, Department of National Defense,  inventors, and everything in between.  Your personal, professional, business, hands on skills, and hidden talents will manifest in this opportunity to own your own business at a very affordable price.

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