Coaches, Parents and Players Offering International Hockey Stick Repair Coverage

Each individual Integral Hockey location is locally owned and operated by a hockey enthusiast, and most Integral Hockey owners are even coaches.  These owners are operating their business out of their home, and offer a very personalized service to the local hockey community through their passion of the sport, and willingness to help save all hockey players and other parents a tremendous amount of money every season. With over 100 locations, our services are easy to access from most places in North America

Integral Hockey franchise owners are all die hard Hockey fans. Most owners coach their own teams, and many of them have children in a local hockey league. They understand the costs of hockey equipment, and got into this business so they could help others, save time and money. Integral Hockey even has some ex NHL players running franchises such as Andre Dore; an ex New York Ranger, who owns Integral Hockey Connecticut.

Owners of Integral Hockey Franchises usually set up shop in their own homes, which allows them a more flexible schedule (for most owners this is a side job). This allows them to finish their repair quickly, and efficiently, as well as being able to give you the support you need to make your own customized twig. They are supporters of their local hockey communities, and enjoy watching the local hockey thrive.

Integral Hockey has reached a whopping 109 locations. With this many locations throughout North America we are finally reaching our intended audience, and allowing most hockey players the opportunity to have their sticks repaired, or purchase repaired sticks through our many locations.

We are continuing to grow at a rapid pace throughout North America and we our determined to keep our reputation as the #1 stick repair company in the world. We are located in most major cities in Canada as well as many smaller towns, with our headquarters based out of Port Alberni, B.C.  43 of our locations are based out of the United States in cities such as Connecticut and Boston.

We are very excited to be in a position where we have Integral Hockey franchises/distributors spread out across North America to make them available to almost everybody who needs their hockey sticks repaired, whether you are in a major center Like Los Angeles, CA or northern Ontario chances are there is a local Integral Hockey owner close by.


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