First round of the playoffs – What we have learned so far…

Las Vegas Golden Knights are still the real deal

Quite possibly the biggest story of the first round is that Vegas continues to prove the doubters wrong… AGAIN!  Or should we say, the DOUGHTers?  Fans were calling our Drew Doughty for speaking too soon about the Golden Knights and how their season will finish, with respect to the Kings’ season.

“There’s no way they are going to be a better team than us by the end of the season.”.  Spoke too soon?  Not only did Vegas finish with a better season record, they also swept LA in the first round of the playoffs.  Vegas was a team that many analysts had predicted to finish dead-last in the NHL, and that their early surge of success was due to “beginner’s luck”; beginner’s luck never seemed to wear out.  It’s time to admit that Vegas is for real, get over it DOUGHTers.


Ok, Sidney Crosby is still the best player in the game and we’re all scared that the Pens may three-peat.

Just as we thought that the torch had officially been passed along to Connor McDavid, Crosby (once again) shows that he’s the best player in the game.  No knock to McDavid whatsoever, but Crosby just won two consecutive Stanley Cups and is now eyeing down his third consecutive.  He and the Penguins also won the Stanley Cup back in 2009.  And would you look at that, he’s first in playoff goals and total points.

Crosby Playoff points


Tortorella is not a happy camper – but has he ever been?

Torts is known for his animated press conferences.  Following a Columbus loss to Washington on April 21, John Tortorella gave reporters a bunch of short winded answers, followed by basically guaranteeing a game 7, then abruptly walks away from the podium.

Reporter – “How will you get your team ready emotionally for Game 6 at home?”
Tortorella – “I won’t have to say a damn word to them, boy. No. We’ll be back here for Game 7.”
Tortorella – *peace out as quick as possible*

Winnipeg/Atlanta win their first ever franchise playoff series

Atlanta Thrashers were an expansion team in 1999, and only ever made one playoff appearance in 2006-07.  They packed up and moved to Winnipeg in 2012, where they were reborn as the “Jets”.  And finally, after all of these years they won their first ever playoff series.  Well deserved for the team and fans.  Be afraid of the “Whiteout” in Winnipeg!


Neither #1 Easter Conference or Western Conference have been dethroned yet
Nashville in the west, Tampa Bay in the east.  Both teams got through the first round with ease, but the next round will not be such a joy ride.  Nashville will be playing the hot Winnipeg Jets, and Tampa will be playing the winner of the only 7-game series from this year’s playoffs, either Toronto or Boston.

Speaking of which, only one game 7 series?!?

Just when this series looked to be out of reach for Toronto, they managed to rally back from a 3-1 series deficit against Boston.  Game 7 will be played tonight in Boston at 7:30 EST, which will conclude the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Boston has 15 goals for, and 8 goals against, with 2 wins and one loss at home this series.

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