Halloween Themed Blog… and Connor McDavid wins MVP of Halloween

One of the scariest parts of Halloween is breaking your out-of-warranty $300 hockey stick.  But fear no more, because we can bring that spooky stick back to life.  You may think that a repaired stick would look like a mummy from a horror film, but our repairs are clean and have no noticeable difference in the weight, flex, and feel of the stick prior to breaking.

broken hockey stick tombstone


You’ve heard of Frankenstein before, but have you ever heard of Frankenstick?  Frankenstick is our fun way of combining two or more sticks into one.  Ever hear of a Ceaston stick?  Doctor Frankenstick went to work this week to create one… see this photo shared by Integral Hockey Southeast Minnesota owner, Tim Gorski.


Yes, a stick can be repaired more than once.  Just ask Integral Hockey Connecticut distributor, André Doré, who shared a photo of a customer’s quadruple repaired Bauer MX3 hockey stick.  It may be Halloween, but no need to be scared away from this photo.  We’re so confident that our repairs will hold up that we offer a lifetime warranty at the repair points.


Halloween is also a great time where our hockey heroes turn into characters and share their creations on social media.  Full credit to Connor McDavid for dressing up as Homer Simpson this Halloween; he even recreated the baldness and beer-belly.  Not only is he the best player in the NHL, but he’s also the best-dressed Halloweener.


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