Hockey Stick Repair Company Receives Canadian Patent

Hollow carbon fibre repair – maintaining the performance of the stick

Port Alberni, British Columbia, May 31, 2018 – Integral Hockey Stick Repair has just received its Canadian patent (2,866,765), today after years of scrutiny from the patent office.  A revolutionary approach to hockey stick repair has been utilized by franchisees and distributors to help hockey families save money for years.

Integral Hockey Stick Repair currently has over 100 franchise and distributor locations using this aerospace technology in North America. This amazing process is patent protected in the US (9,630,291), eight different countries in Europe, and now finally in Canada.  “After years of watching these expensive sticks breaking daily, and being thrown out, I knew there had to be a solution” stated Randy Langille, creator of Integral Hockey. Langille invented the process to repair expensive hockey sticks, and took his idea to a patent attorney. With patent pending protection, he franchised his technology to allow quick growth, which would allow accessibility to all hockey players.  

Over 2,000,000 hockey sticks are produced annually for the North American market, and each one is destined to break, costing hockey families thousands of dollars.  “We have taken a very real problem, solved it with the most high-tech solution on the market, and we’re delivering it at a price that will work for everyone. Something we are very proud of.” said Randy Langille.  To date Integral Hockey Stick Repair has repaired over 62,000 hockey sticks saving players, parents, and teams more than $12,000,000.


Since the arrival of composite hockey sticks, manufacturers have been sacrificing strength for weight, which results in expensive sticks breaking at an alarming rate.   Integral Hockey Stick Repair takes these broken sticks, and repairs them with composite aerospace technology. There is no noticeable change in the end result with respect to weight, flex, kick-point and balance. Players at all levels are reporting that there is no compromise in the dynamics of their sticks once repaired, and enjoying the cost-savings benefits.


If you would like to learn more about this topic, please call Randy Langille 1-855-337-8425,, or visit

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