Integral Hockey Sponsorship 2018


These days, hockey is an extremely expensive sport. Prices for your hockey sticks can easily exceed $300 each, let alone all your other gear, registration, tournament fees, and hotels. That’s why every year at Integral Hockey, we sponsor six players to help soften the blow for their families on the ever increasing cost of sticks for one season. We picked three American players and three Canadian players to have access to 10 refurbished at no cost.


 Out of the hundreds of people who entered the contest, we had a difficult time deciding on who to sponsor this year, but we boiled it down to 6 very deserving candidates (Although we wish we could sponsor everyone who signed up!), from Peachland, and Nanaimo in British Columbia. , Saline in Michigan, Forest lake in Minnesota, Hammonton in New Jersey, and Winnipeg!


The winners of the sponsorship contest have the opportunity to claim up to 10 Integral Hockey refurbished twigs, for this season as well as some Howies swag.


Congratulations to all the winners, this year. We hope that our refurbished sticks help with your stick budget this season.


Here’s Integral Hockey’s 2018/2019 Sponsorship winners!






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