Integral Hockey Stick Repair’s 99th location goes to the home of “The Great One”

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Integral Hockey offers the most technologically advanced composite hockey stick repair system on the market at a substantial cost savings and in an environmentally friendly way.

Call it fate or the stars aligning, but sometimes a perfect situation presents itself that is too good to pass up. That’s exactly what happened for Integral Hockey franchise owner Jason Waite when the opportunity to purchase the company’s 99th location became available. wayne gretzky brantford

“With the ever growing popularity of Integral Hockey and the significance of the franchise number and the city I had to jump on board,” Waite explained. “This had to stay north of the border. Integral Hockey’s official 99th location in Brantford, Ontario, home of ‘The Great One’ Wayne Gretzky…it had to be there.”

Franchisees are passionate about Integral Hockey both in Canada and the United States. The organization’s mission is to help make playing hockey affordable for players of any age through the repair of composite sticks instead of having to purchase an expensive new one.

The superior quality comes from Integral Hockey utilizing composite aerospace technology where there is no noticeable difference between a repaired and brand new stick. Integral Hockey is the only company offering a completely hollow repair and a “Lifetime Warranty” on all sticks at the repair zone, including refurbished stick sales. If cost and reliability wasn’t enough, the company also helps the environment by keeping non-biodegradable broken composite sticks out of landfills.

To date, Integral Hockey has recycled and repaired over 55,000 hockey sticks. This has saved players, parents and teams over 10-million dollars on the cost of these sticks. “It is our belief that if we can do our part to help reduce the cost of hockey then generically that should help increase registration numbers. And isn’t that what we all want to see?” stated Integral Hockey Stick Repair founder, Randy Langille.

Those reasons plus the Gretzky connection in the area has Waite excited to open his second Integral Hockey location. “The Gretzky family ARE hockey and have supported minor hockey from the get go. We enable more players to get involved in the game and use state of the art sticks, but at a reasonable price.”

However, ‘The Great One’ isn’t the only person with a strong hockey connection in Brantford.

“I actually began coaching hockey in 1992 and the first team I was involved with as a goalie coach was a Brantford AA team,” Waite said. Being involved within the community is an important part of what Integral Hockey is all about.

The combination of Jason Waite as owner in Gretzky’s hometown and having it all tied together with his iconic #99 as the new franchise number, makes this a marriage that is meant to be.


For general information visit Or email For repair inquiries or to purchase a refurbished stick in the Brantford area please call Jason at 905-638-5389 or email


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