New Year, New You. Be your own boss in a hockey-related field.

Be your own boss

2018 is now here, and many of us spend this time thinking of ways to better ourselves.  For many people, new year’s resolutions include personal challenges, spending more time with family, and becoming more financially independent.  If you happen to fall into any one of these categories, you may be just the person that we’re looking for!

be your own hockey boss integral hockey

Integral Hockey has seen rapid growth across North America in the past several years.  We now have over 100 Franchisees/Distributors of our patented Integral Hockey Stick Repair system.  Franchise/Distributor opportunities are available.  We are looking to grow, and hoping to find individuals who are the right fit to help us along in our growth process.



We are very excited and proud to offer the most technologically advanced composite hockey stick repair on the market. After repairing and testing repair techniques and materials for several years, Randy Langille, founder of Integral Hockey, applied advanced laminating processes he learned from building aircraft components back in the early days of his manufacturing career.

The result, is a repair process that adds only 10-26 grams of weight to the stick. The feedback has been extremely positive with respect to weight, flex, kick-point and balance. Hockey sticks repaired by Integral Hockey’s patented (US Patent No. 9,630,291) process and standards, translates to minimal compromise on the integrity of stick components and function. Rest assured that Integral Hockey will continue to relentlessly pursue the best materials and processes to minimize change in these critical stick features.

We believe that our commitment in this industry is something that any other company would have difficulty matching. We bring 27 years of high-tech composites to this business. With our carbon fiber/e-glass, vacuum infused process, we achieve something that few can or will, namely, ultimate strength to weight ratios.

We have taken a very real problem, solved it with the most high-tech solution on the market, and we’re delivering it at a price that will work for everyone. Something we are very proud of.


Become a Franchisee or Distributor

If you are interested in hearing more about our offering, we would be happy to send you more information!  Please contact us at We look forward to continuing to save hockey players money, and helping you get started on a new business venture!


We have also recently launched a new website and are looking for feedback – please send comments/suggestions to

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