Coaches, Parents and Players Offering International Hockey Stick Repair Coverage

Each individual Integral Hockey location is locally owned and operated by a hockey enthusiast, and most Integral Hockey owners are even coaches.  These owners are operating their business out of their home, and offer a very personalized service to the local hockey community through their passion of the sport, and willingness to help save all hockey players and other parents a tremendous amount of money every season. With over 100 locations, our services are easy to access from most places in North America

Integral Hockey franchise owners are all die hard Hockey fans. Most owners coach their own teams, and many of them have children in a local hockey league. They understand the costs of hockey equipment, and got into this business so they could help others, save time and money. Integral Hockey even has some ex NHL players running franchises such as Andre Dore; an ex New York Ranger, who owns Integral Hockey Connecticut.

Owners of Integral Hockey Franchises usually set up shop in their own homes, which allows them a more flexible schedule (for most owners this is a side job). This allows them to finish their repair quickly, and efficiently, as well as being able to give you the support you need to make your own customized twig. They are supporters of their local hockey communities, and enjoy watching the local hockey thrive.

Integral Hockey has reached a whopping 109 locations. With this many locations throughout North America we are finally reaching our intended audience, and allowing most hockey players the opportunity to have their sticks repaired, or purchase repaired sticks through our many locations.

We are continuing to grow at a rapid pace throughout North America and we our determined to keep our reputation as the #1 stick repair company in the world. We are located in most major cities in Canada as well as many smaller towns, with our headquarters based out of Port Alberni, B.C.  43 of our locations are based out of the United States in cities such as Connecticut and Boston.

We are very excited to be in a position where we have Integral Hockey franchises/distributors spread out across North America to make them available to almost everybody who needs their hockey sticks repaired, whether you are in a major center Like Los Angeles, CA or northern Ontario chances are there is a local Integral Hockey owner close by.


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The party goes on for Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals

Five days have passed since the Washington Capitals hoisted the Stanley Cup, after defeating Las Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 in game five of the Stanley Cup finals.  The chapter that is the 2017-18 NHL season is now forever embedded into the NHL history books, with the names of the Washington Capitals players engraved into Lord Stanley’s mug.  History may have closed the door on this past season, but the party goes on, and on, and on…


Alexander Ovechkin was interviewed by Scott Oake on-ice after winning the Stanley Cup, and was not shy to let the hockey world know that it’s time to enjoy an alcohol induced celebration.


Surely winning the Stanley Cup is a team effort, though the party has been all about Conn Smythe winner, Alex Ovechkin, who has taken Stanley Cup partying to a whole new level.

From sleeping with the Stanley Cup, to swimming in a public fountain with his teammates, Alex Ovechkin is on cloud nine.


The Washington Nationals invited the Caps out for a ceremonial opening pitch (Note: Ovechkin botched the first pitch and asked for a redo)


Jay and Dan seem to sum up everything nicely here:



Even Jimmy Fallon got in on the partying action…

Whether you’re partying because you’re a Capitals fan, or partying because Integral Hockey just saved you a bunch of money on your broken hockey stick, we salute you!

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This Simple Advantage Could Give Washington A Big Boost To Win The Stanley Cup

Marc-André Fleury, joined the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2003, and played during the rivalry with the Washington Capitals. The Penguins and Capitals have been rivals since the early 90’s. The rivalry between the two giants of the NHL reached new heights in 2009, when Crosby and Ovechkin had their first playoff meeting. Unfortunately, for Ovie, and friends; Crosby, and the Penguins were able to outmatch them the majority of the time. 



In 2017 Penguins goaltender, Marc-André Fleury was drafted to the brand new expansion team: The Vegas Golden Knights for their first season. The Golden Knights, have been performing phenomenally, up until the recent Washington playoff games. Perhaps, this is the result of the Caps knowing how the ex-Pens goalie plays, but without having Crosby (arguably the best player in the league) there to back him up. After playing against Fleury so much while he was a penguin, Washington players are bound to know his technique, style and, tricks that he has up his sleeve.


On the other end of the spectrum the same could be said about Fleury. He should be familiar with the play-style of the Washington Capitals. Is it possible that Fleury has just been having a stroke of bad luck? Could it be his team is getting cocky, or just not playing as defensively as they should be?


On top of this potential advantage, Capitals star player Ovechkin, is a man possessed this playoffs season. He is desperate for a cup, and he has been proving himself worthy of one this year. He has evolved throughout his career from scoring dynamo to all around team leader, and is now raising his shot blocks and back check game to the next level.

Although the Vegas Golden Knights are down 3-1, the team encourages their fans with a light-hearted tweet to have faith. “crazier things have happened than a team coming back from a 3-1 series deficit. Like an expansion team advancing to the Stanley Cup Final for example“. 

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Hockey Stick Repair Company Receives Canadian Patent

Hollow carbon fibre repair – maintaining the performance of the stick

Port Alberni, British Columbia, May 31, 2018 – Integral Hockey Stick Repair has just received its Canadian patent (2,866,765), today after years of scrutiny from the patent office.  A revolutionary approach to hockey stick repair has been utilized by franchisees and distributors to help hockey families save money for years.

Integral Hockey Stick Repair currently has over 100 franchise and distributor locations using this aerospace technology in North America. This amazing process is patent protected in the US (9,630,291), eight different countries in Europe, and now finally in Canada.  “After years of watching these expensive sticks breaking daily, and being thrown out, I knew there had to be a solution” stated Randy Langille, creator of Integral Hockey. Langille invented the process to repair expensive hockey sticks, and took his idea to a patent attorney. With patent pending protection, he franchised his technology to allow quick growth, which would allow accessibility to all hockey players.  

Over 2,000,000 hockey sticks are produced annually for the North American market, and each one is destined to break, costing hockey families thousands of dollars.  “We have taken a very real problem, solved it with the most high-tech solution on the market, and we’re delivering it at a price that will work for everyone. Something we are very proud of.” said Randy Langille.  To date Integral Hockey Stick Repair has repaired over 62,000 hockey sticks saving players, parents, and teams more than $12,000,000.


Since the arrival of composite hockey sticks, manufacturers have been sacrificing strength for weight, which results in expensive sticks breaking at an alarming rate.   Integral Hockey Stick Repair takes these broken sticks, and repairs them with composite aerospace technology. There is no noticeable change in the end result with respect to weight, flex, kick-point and balance. Players at all levels are reporting that there is no compromise in the dynamics of their sticks once repaired, and enjoying the cost-savings benefits.


If you would like to learn more about this topic, please call Randy Langille 1-855-337-8425,, or visit

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Jaromir Jagr isn’t ready to hang up the skates quite yet

The 46-year-old, Jaromir Jagr, announced on Monday afternoon that he will be suiting up next season with the HC Kladno of the second-tier Czech league; his hometown team, of which he is also a majority owner.

Jagr dressed in just 22 games in Calgary, scoring one goal and seven points. Injury had forced Jagr to the sidelines, something rather new for him.  Upon returning to the NHL in 2011-12 following his brief KHL stint, Jagr had missed just 20 games in six seasons. Between a knee injury and groin injury, Jagr was sidelined in 24 games with the Flames this past season, and due to his nagging injuries and inability to catch up to speed with his younger teammates, it became clear around mid-season that Jagr’s time in the Flames was coming to an end. In late-January, Calgary waived Jagr and he was subsequently loaned to Kladno.

The ageless wonder is now entering his 30th season as a professional hockey player.  For reference of how amazing of a fete this really is, there were 20 players who dressed for the Calgary Flames this past season that weren’t even born when Jagr made his NHL debut.

jaromir jagr mullet

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RCAF show point-of-view flypass video of Bell MTS Place before Knights/Jets game

rcaf winnipeg jets

Winnpeg may not have the largest population in the NHL… in fact, they have the smallest (  Though, The Winnipeg Whiteout has proven to be one of the best traditions in the NHL, and that Jets fans are among the rowdiest in professional sports.  Fans in “the ‘peg” have packed Bell MTS Place every game this season, and the party has yet to slow down.  As part of their pre-game tradition, the Royal Canadian Air Force send two 15 Wing CT-155 Hawks to perform a flypass over the arena.  On Sunday, RCAF tweeted a video of the flypass from the cockpit point-of-view.  See the video below:

Ever wondered what a @nhljets flypast looks like from the cockpit? Check out the view from the four-ship of 15 Wing CT-155 Hawks that flew the flypast over the #WPGWhiteout yesterday. Looks like the pilot had a fave team! #RCAF


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First round of the playoffs – What we have learned so far…

Las Vegas Golden Knights are still the real deal

Quite possibly the biggest story of the first round is that Vegas continues to prove the doubters wrong… AGAIN!  Or should we say, the DOUGHTers?  Fans were calling our Drew Doughty for speaking too soon about the Golden Knights and how their season will finish, with respect to the Kings’ season.

“There’s no way they are going to be a better team than us by the end of the season.”.  Spoke too soon?  Not only did Vegas finish with a better season record, they also swept LA in the first round of the playoffs.  Vegas was a team that many analysts had predicted to finish dead-last in the NHL, and that their early surge of success was due to “beginner’s luck”; beginner’s luck never seemed to wear out.  It’s time to admit that Vegas is for real, get over it DOUGHTers.


Ok, Sidney Crosby is still the best player in the game and we’re all scared that the Pens may three-peat.

Just as we thought that the torch had officially been passed along to Connor McDavid, Crosby (once again) shows that he’s the best player in the game.  No knock to McDavid whatsoever, but Crosby just won two consecutive Stanley Cups and is now eyeing down his third consecutive.  He and the Penguins also won the Stanley Cup back in 2009.  And would you look at that, he’s first in playoff goals and total points.

Crosby Playoff points


Tortorella is not a happy camper – but has he ever been?

Torts is known for his animated press conferences.  Following a Columbus loss to Washington on April 21, John Tortorella gave reporters a bunch of short winded answers, followed by basically guaranteeing a game 7, then abruptly walks away from the podium.

Reporter – “How will you get your team ready emotionally for Game 6 at home?”
Tortorella – “I won’t have to say a damn word to them, boy. No. We’ll be back here for Game 7.”
Tortorella – *peace out as quick as possible*

Winnipeg/Atlanta win their first ever franchise playoff series

Atlanta Thrashers were an expansion team in 1999, and only ever made one playoff appearance in 2006-07.  They packed up and moved to Winnipeg in 2012, where they were reborn as the “Jets”.  And finally, after all of these years they won their first ever playoff series.  Well deserved for the team and fans.  Be afraid of the “Whiteout” in Winnipeg!

winnipeg whiteout

Neither #1 Easter Conference or Western Conference have been dethroned yet
Nashville in the west, Tampa Bay in the east.  Both teams got through the first round with ease, but the next round will not be such a joy ride.  Nashville will be playing the hot Winnipeg Jets, and Tampa will be playing the winner of the only 7-game series from this year’s playoffs, either Toronto or Boston.

Speaking of which, only one game 7 series?!?

Just when this series looked to be out of reach for Toronto, they managed to rally back from a 3-1 series deficit against Boston.  Game 7 will be played tonight in Boston at 7:30 EST, which will conclude the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Boston has 15 goals for, and 8 goals against, with 2 wins and one loss at home this series.

to bos

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Sedins say farewell to Vancouver with a (t)win over Arizona in dramatic fashion

Sedins say farewell to Vancouver with a (t)win over Arizona in dramatic fashion… see what we did there, “twin”?  Just a few days ago, Daniel and Henrik Sedin announced that the 2017-18 NHL season will be their last.

There was plenty of hype in Vancouver last night, as fans wanted to say farewell to a unique set of players that provided Canucks fans with memories for the past 18 years.  The finale couldn’t have had a better ending, as the Canucks won the game 4-3 (OT).  The game winner was scored by (you guessed it!) Daniel Sedin, and assisted by (you guessed it again!) Henrik Sedin.  The pair had a combined 4 points on the night.


Daniel and Henrik were drafted 2nd and 3rd overall by Vancouver in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft.  For the Canucks, have gone to be the all time games-played leaders, and lead almost all major statistical columns.  Surely they’ve punched their tickets into the Hockey Hall of Fame.


Congratulations on such two great career!  Farewell to the two best Vancouver Canucks of all time, 22 and 33!


Image result for sedins waving


PS… very interesting post from Vancouver-based writer, Vanessa Jang:

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Okay… let’s talk about goalie interference. What is it?

According to National Hockey League Official Rule Book:

Rule 69 – Interference on the Goalkeeper 69.1 Interference on the Goalkeeper – This rule is based on the premise that an attacking player’s position, whether inside or outside the crease, should not, by itself, determine whether a goal should be allowed or disallowed. In other words, goals scored while attacking players are standing in the crease may, in appropriate circumstances be allowed. Goals should be disallowed only if: (1) an attacking player, either by his positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely within his crease or defend his goal; or (2) an attacking player initiates intentional or deliberate contact with a goalkeeper, inside or outside of his goal crease. Incidental contact with a goalkeeper will be permitted, and resulting goals allowed, when such contact is initiated outside of the goal crease, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact. The rule will be enforced exclusively in accordance with the on-ice judgement of the Referee(s), but may be subject to a Coach’s Challenge (see Rule 78.7). For purposes of this rule, “contact,” whether incidental or otherwise, shall mean any contact that is made between or among a goalkeeper and attacking player(s), whether by means of a stick or any part of the body. The overriding rationale of this rule is that a goalkeeper should have the ability to move freely within his goal crease without being hindered by the actions of an attacking player. If an attacking player enters the goal crease and, by his actions, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to defend his goal, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed. If an attacking player has been pushed, shoved, or fouled by a defending player so as to cause him to come into contact with the goalkeeper, such contact will not be deemed contact initiated by the attacking player for purposes of this rule, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact. If a defending player has been pushed, shoved, or fouled by an attacking player so as to cause the defending player to come into contact with his own goalkeeper, such contact shall be deemed contact initiated by the attacking player for purposes of this rule, and if necessary a penalty assessed to the attacking player and if a goal is scored it would be disallowed. 69.2 Penalty – In all cases in which an attacking player initiates intentional or deliberate contact with a goalkeeper, whether or not the goalkeeper is inside or outside the goal crease, and whether or not a goal is scored, the attacking player will receive a penalty (minor or major, as the Referee deems appropriate). In all cases where the infraction being imposed is to the attacking player for hindering the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely in his goal crease, the penalty to be assessed is for goalkeeper interference. In exercising his judgment, the Referee should give more significant consideration to the degree and nature of the contact with the goalkeeper than to the exact location of the goalkeeper at the time of the contact. 69.3 Contact Inside the Goal Crease – If an attacking player initiates contact with a goalkeeper, incidental or otherwise, while the goalkeeper is in his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed If a goalkeeper, in the act of establishing his position within his goal crease, initiates contact with an attacking player who is in the goal crease, and this results in an impairment of the goalkeeper’s ability to defend his goal, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed. If, after any contact by a goalkeeper who is attempting to establish position in his goal crease, the attacking player does not immediately vacate his current position in the goal crease (i.e. give ground to the goalkeeper), and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed. In all such cases, whether or not a goal is scored, the attacking player will receive a minor penalty for goalkeeper interference. If an attacking player establishes a significant position within the goal crease, so as to obstruct the goalkeeper’s vision and impair his ability to defend his goal, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed. For this purpose, a player “establishes a significant position within the crease” when, in the Referee’s judgment, his body, or a substantial portion thereof, is within the goal crease for more than an instantaneous period of time. Refer also to Reference Tables – Table 16 – Interference on the Goalkeeper Situations (page 151). 69.4 Contact Outside the Goal Crease – If an attacking player initiates any contact with a goalkeeper, other than incidental contact, while the goalkeeper is outside his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed. A goalkeeper is not “fair game” just because he is outside the goal crease. The appropriate penalty should be assessed in every case where an attacking player makes unnecessary contact with the goalkeeper. However, incidental contact will be permitted when the goalkeeper is in the act of playing the puck outside his goal crease provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such unnecessary contact. When a goalkeeper has played the puck outside of his crease and is then prevented from returning to his crease area due to the deliberate actions of an attacking player, such player may be penalized for goalkeeper interference. Similarly, the goalkeeper may be penalized, if by his actions outside of his crease he deliberately interferes with an attacking player who is attempting to play the puck or an opponent. Refer also to Reference Tables – Table 16 – Interference on the Goalkeeper Situations (page 151). 69.5 Coach’s Challenge – Refer to Rule 78.7. 69.6 Face-off Location – Whenever the Referee stops play to disallow a goal as a result of contact with the goalkeeper (incidental or otherwise), the resulting face-off shall take place at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot outside the attacking zone of the offending team. 69.7 Rebounds and Loose Pucks – In a rebound situation, or where a goalkeeper and attacking player(s) are simultaneously attempting to play a loose puck, whether inside or outside the crease, incidental contact with the goalkeeper will be permitted, and any goal that is scored as a result thereof will be allowed. In the event that a goalkeeper has been pushed into the net together with the puck by an attacking player after making a stop, the goal will be disallowed. If applicable, appropriate penalties will be assessed. If, however, in the opinion of the Referee, the attacking player was pushed or otherwise fouled by a defending player causing the goalkeeper to be pushed into the net together with the puck, the goal can be permitted. In the event that the puck is under a player in or around the crease area (deliberately or otherwise), a goal cannot be scored by pushing this player together with the puck into the goal. If applicable, the appropriate penalties will be assessed, including a penalty shot if deemed to be covered in the crease deliberately (see Rule 63 – Delaying the Game). 69.8 Fines and Suspensions – An attacking player who, in the judgment of the Referee, initiates contact with the goalkeeper, whether inside or outside the crease, in a fashion that would otherwise warrant a penalty, will be assessed an appropriate penalty (minor or major and/or game misconduct) and will be subject to additional sanctions as appropriate pursuant to Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline.


We didn’t expect you to actually read all of that.  Maybe the refs and video replay judges skipped that section as well?  NHL players, coaches, and fans have grown increasingly frustrated with the NHL’s inability to have consistent ruling on what constitutes as goalie interference, and when a goal should be called back.  The most recent example came Saturday night, when Brian Dumoulin graced Frederik Andersen as he slid the puck into the net.  See video below:

Jamie Benn sounded off his opinion about this “goal” on Twitter:

Sorry Oilers fans, here’s another painful goalie interference no-goal.

Not so long ago, players needed plow over the goaltender in order for a goal to be called back.  But times have changed, and players seemingly are unable to even sneeze within the vicinity of the opposing goalie without a goal being disallowed.

So what is goalie interference anyways?  Please, if you have some idea let us know!  This madness needs to stop.

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29TH Annual Let’s Play Hockey Expo at the Xcel Energy Centre

Come this weekend to meet ‘Rizzo’ and ‘Suter’ from the movie Miracle only at Integral Hockey Stick Repair’s booth. This could be your only chance to win an authentic replica Team USA jersey autographed by the actors. Stop by and see our large inventory of refurbished sticks for up to 70% off retail pricing. 

March 9-10

Integral hockey Minnesota

A number of Integral Hockey vendors will be there, including:

Integral Hockey Prior Lake

Pete & Greg Duffy
Paddy Demsey


Integral Hockey Bemidji

Tracy Pogue
(218) 766-6625


Integral Hockey Brainerd

Andy Kratochvil

29309 Patriot Ave
Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
(218) 851-3847


Integral Hockey Hopkins MN

John Rosenquist


Integral Hockey Plymouth MN

Kelli Ask


Integral Hockey Southeast MN

Tim Gorski
17191 Hayes Avenue Lakeville, MN 55044


Integral Hockey Stillwater

John Bernier
3080 White Pine Way Stillwater, MN 55082
980-349-7849 or 980-FIX-STIX



Integral Hockey Twin Ports / Iron Range

Sand Jokela
4975 Morris Thomas Rd, Hermantown, MN, 55811

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