Kucherov shows off how fussy he is about his tape job

It’s no secret that hockey players are superstitious.  Nikita Kucherov shows how he tapes his stick, and that he’s extremely picky about puck marks being on his blade.

“I get a little frustrated when I get too much marks. I like it to be clean and fresh. I don’t like any marks on my blade and if I have too many marks I will change it because I want to have nice tape.”


His superstitions seem to be working.  The 24 year old leads the NHL with 78 points in 60 games, and seems to have become the king of the “no shot” goal.  See videos below:




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New Year, New You. Be your own boss in a hockey-related field.

Be your own boss

2018 is now here, and many of us spend this time thinking of ways to better ourselves.  For many people, new year’s resolutions include personal challenges, spending more time with family, and becoming more financially independent.  If you happen to fall into any one of these categories, you may be just the person that we’re looking for!

be your own hockey boss integral hockey

Integral Hockey has seen rapid growth across North America in the past several years.  We now have over 100 Franchisees/Distributors of our patented Integral Hockey Stick Repair system.  Franchise/Distributor opportunities are available.  We are looking to grow, and hoping to find individuals who are the right fit to help us along in our growth process.



We are very excited and proud to offer the most technologically advanced composite hockey stick repair on the market. After repairing and testing repair techniques and materials for several years, Randy Langille, founder of Integral Hockey, applied advanced laminating processes he learned from building aircraft components back in the early days of his manufacturing career.

The result, is a repair process that adds only 10-26 grams of weight to the stick. The feedback has been extremely positive with respect to weight, flex, kick-point and balance. Hockey sticks repaired by Integral Hockey’s patented (US Patent No. 9,630,291) process and standards, translates to minimal compromise on the integrity of stick components and function. Rest assured that Integral Hockey will continue to relentlessly pursue the best materials and processes to minimize change in these critical stick features.

We believe that our commitment in this industry is something that any other company would have difficulty matching. We bring 27 years of high-tech composites to this business. With our carbon fiber/e-glass, vacuum infused process, we achieve something that few can or will, namely, ultimate strength to weight ratios.

We have taken a very real problem, solved it with the most high-tech solution on the market, and we’re delivering it at a price that will work for everyone. Something we are very proud of.


Become a Franchisee or Distributor

If you are interested in hearing more about our offering, we would be happy to send you more information!  Please contact us at http://blog.integralhockey.com/franchisee/. We look forward to continuing to save hockey players money, and helping you get started on a new business venture!


We have also recently launched a new website and are looking for feedback – please send comments/suggestions to sales@integralhockey.com.

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We’re used to seeing broken sticks, but broken BEARDS?!? Thornton loses his beard in fight with Kadri

At Integral Hockey, we’re discussing broken hockey sticks all the time… it’s what we do!  Broken beards though?!?  This is a new one for us, and probably every other hockey fan in the world.  On Thursday night, San Jose Sharks were playing in Toronto.  The game started off with a good old fashioned fight, between Joe Thornton and Nazem Kadri.  Kadri grabbed at Thronton’s collar (as most players do in fights), but happened to grab more than just Thronton’s collar, he had a handful of Jumbo Joe Thornton’s beard.

Joe thornton beard rip


The pair wrestled each other to the ice, and as they get separated from one another you can see a chunk of Thornton’s beard on the ice.  Don’t believe us?  See for yourself…

Beard ripped out




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Pittsburgh Penguins remake “A Christmas Story” and it’s absolutely hilarious!

The acting is spot-on!


We were hoping to see some broken hockey sticks somewhere in the video, I guess we’ll have to wait until next year.

Share this video with your friends to spread some holiday cheer!

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Kris Russell fires home game winning goal… on his OWN NET!

Sorry Kris, this is going to be on the blooper reel for years:


Russell turned out to be a last minute distraction in a game that had all eyes on the MatthewsMcDavid match-up.  Experts have been heavily drawing comparisons to these back-to-back first overall draft picks as of late.  Despite having different style of play, both players are among the best of the best in the NHL.

matthews mcdavid

Matthews finished with 1 goal and 1 assist.
McDavid finished with 1 goal.

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Matthew Strome scores incredible lacrosse style goal

Younger brother of Ryan (Edmonton) and Dylan (Arizona), Matthew Strome of the Hamilton Bulldogs in the OHL has caught the eyes of the hockey world with his lacrosse style goal on Saturday against the Ottawa 67’s.

Dylan Strome was drafted in the 4th round, 106th overall by Philadelphia this past summer.


Mike Legg is known as the man who invented the lacrosse style hockey goal while playing for University of Michigan in 1996, as seen in the video below:


Many of us first heard the name “Sidney Crosby” after he pulled off this move in junior.  Note: the reporter says, “…[Crosby] finishes with 2 goals and 4 assists”.  Seems like a pretty good stat line.


Mikael Granlund was able to scoop up the puck while in full stride, now that’s a new level of skill added to this move.

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Preds’ players have to chase down team bus after it leaves without them

Looks like hockey players are not only fast skaters, but fast runners, too!


More evidence is provided by Chris Stewart, with one of the strangest pre-game rituals you’ll ever see…

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October was a bad month for stick abuse

Fellas, fellas, calm down! Okay, in the heat of the moment players of all levels tend to lose their cool and release their anger on innocent hockey sticks – it happens!

The bad news is that you just wasted a $300 stick in the heat of the moment. The good news is that Integral Hockey franchisees/distributors can fix up your stick and have you back on the ice in no time! You won’t even notice a difference from it’s original state.

Jack Eichel


Kevin Fiala (fast forward to 0:32)


Carey Price

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Nick Bonino pulls off the most creative and hilarious Halloween prank on his teammates

PK Subban recorded Nick Bonino and Bonino’s wife dressed as hardcore hockey fans for Halloween, then asked his unsuspecting teammates for autographs. Hilarity ensues.

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Calm down Price, we can fix your stick for you!

Carey Price wasn’t too happy after a 6-2 loss to Anaheim on Friday night, to say the least.  Montreal was only behind by one goal coming into the 3rd period, then Price allowed 3 goals in 3 minutes.  His reaction says it all:



Don’t worry Carey, we’ll have that stick repaired in no time!



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