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Ever found yourself looking for a new stick, and aren’t sure which model/brand suits you best?  Today we’re going to give you a few hints by showing you which star NHL players are using certain sticks.  Most of our Franchisees/Distributors sell pro stock sticks – these sticks have superior performance to those you’ll find at the retail level.  Whichever players’ game you mimic, we’ll certainly have a stick for you.

Connor McDavid
Arguably the best player in the game today, Connor McDavid has been exclusively using the CCM Super Tacks.  Prior to his NHL debut, McDavid tore up his final season with the Erie Otters using the previous model of the same stick, the CCM Ultra Tacks.

The Super Tacks is designed with a higher kick-point, for players who put like to load up on their wrist shots.  The stiff blade ensures consistent accuracy every time.
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Sidney Crosby
The era has come where we can no longer mention McDavid without paying respect his idol, and still possibly the best player, Sidney Crosby.  Although they are similar players, Crosby prefers to have a lower kick-point to ensure that the puck recoils off his blade as quick as possible, which is why his stick of choice is the CCM RibCore Trigger.  Don’t take our word for it, let Crosby do the talking…

Patrick Kane
When you think about quick stick handling, Patrick Kane is probably the first player that comes to mind.  Kane has elected to use the Bauer 1X LE, and it seems to work.  He lead the NHL in points last season, and is currently tied for first.

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Alex Ovechkin
Known for having one of the most lethal one-timers of all time, Alex Ovechkin can be seen sporting a Bauer Supreme 1S.  He uses every last piece of carbon fiber in his stick, and has been fooling NHL goalies since he entered the league in 2005.

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As you can see, all of these All-Star players have major differences in their choice of weapons.  But what do they have in common?  They’re all former first overall draft picks.  This just goes to show that superstars come in many different forms –  there’s no “right” stick out there, so come talk to your nearest Integral Hockey franchisee/distributor to see which stick works best for you.

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