The best (and worst) NHL Halloween costumes

Every year around the end of October, we get to see the goofy personalities of NHL players come to life.  We’re used to seeing the on-ice creativity of the world’s best hockey players, but off the ice…?

Today we’ll take a look at some of the best and worst NHL Halloween costumes of all time.

  1. Raffi Torres as Jay-Z
    Cause for plenty of controversy, Torres dressed up as his favourite rap artist.  Although Torres’ costume resembles the looks of Jay-Z, many found it to be distasteful.  Image result for raffi torres jay z
  2. Sid and Evgeni
    Hmm, not sure exactly what they’re supposed to be.  Though, the disguises worked so well that the pair went out to a local nightclub where they were not recognized by fans.  They enjoyed their evening as “normal” people, for a change.
    Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby:
  3. Zdeno Chara, Jordan Caron, Brad Marchand, Adam McQuaid
    Hockey players truly are the greatest athletes in the world.  The group is shown posing with a boy at the Children’s Hospital in Boston.  Let’s take a moment to single-out Zdeno Chara in his 6’9 pink bunny costume (7’4 if you include the ears).  Sorry Chara, your costume just isn’t as discrete as Crosby’s and Malkin’s
    Image result for zdeno chara bunny suit
  4. PK Subban shows off his best “Thriller”
    As one of the most entertaining players in the NHL, Subban is sure to be a thriller on the ice, and apparently off the ice too.  PK Subban, doing his best 1982 Michael Jackson impression.
    Image result for pk subban costume
  5. Llyod and Harry.  I mean, Jonathan Toews and Adam Burish
    Did you have to do a double take?  The resemblance is so spot-on that you almost feel sorry for the pair.  After all, it’s “Dumb and Dumber” we’re talking about here.
    Image result for jonathan toews adam burish dumb
  6. Joe Thornton and Brent Burns dress up as hobos
    Just kidding.  This is what they actually look like.
    Image result for brent burns and joe thornton walking
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