The party goes on for Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals

Five days have passed since the Washington Capitals hoisted the Stanley Cup, after defeating Las Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 in game five of the Stanley Cup finals.  The chapter that is the 2017-18 NHL season is now forever embedded into the NHL history books, with the names of the Washington Capitals players engraved into Lord Stanley’s mug.  History may have closed the door on this past season, but the party goes on, and on, and on…


Alexander Ovechkin was interviewed by Scott Oake on-ice after winning the Stanley Cup, and was not shy to let the hockey world know that it’s time to enjoy an alcohol induced celebration.


Surely winning the Stanley Cup is a team effort, though the party has been all about Conn Smythe winner, Alex Ovechkin, who has taken Stanley Cup partying to a whole new level.

From sleeping with the Stanley Cup, to swimming in a public fountain with his teammates, Alex Ovechkin is on cloud nine.


The Washington Nationals invited the Caps out for a ceremonial opening pitch (Note: Ovechkin botched the first pitch and asked for a redo)


Jay and Dan seem to sum up everything nicely here:



Even Jimmy Fallon got in on the partying action…

Whether you’re partying because you’re a Capitals fan, or partying because Integral Hockey just saved you a bunch of money on your broken hockey stick, we salute you!

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