The season just started and you broke your stick. Now what?

Break your stick, but not the bank.  We’re about a month and a half into most minor/junior hockey seasons now.  For those of you who treated yourself to some off-season shopping by purchasing a composite hockey stick, that’s great!  We bet it helped contribute to your smooth stick handling and rocket of a slapshot.  Though, the 30-day warranty has likely expired and you’re out of luck for getting a free replacement.

“Don’t throw it away.  Keep it in play!”

That’s right, you don’t need to throw away the very stick which helped propel you to the top of team scoring.  Our stick repair professionals will restore your stick to a level where there is no noticeable difference in weight or performance from it’s original form.

If you’re used to using inexpensive composite sticks, try one of our refurbished pro-stocks.  No matter what level your skill set may be, you’ll instantly notice a better feel for the puck and quicker release.


Contact your nearest Franchisee/Distributor to see how we can help save you money and improve your game!


tuukka rask breaks stick gif
Rask probably didn’t know it at the time, but we repair composite goalie sticks, too.
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