The Stanley Cup has conquered the Great Wall of China

The Stanley Cup is known to the be the life of the party at exclusive NHL events throughout the summer.  Whether being filled with alcohol or hot dogs (Phil Kessel, we’re looking at you), Lord Stanley has seen its share of travels, parties, and has posed for photos with some of the world’s most well-known celebrities and hockey players.


Yes, the Stanley Cup has become a celebrity of its own and has seen much of the world, but this past weekend the Stanley Cup took on a new venture – climbing The Great Wall of China.  As part of the NHL’s commitment to growing hockey globally, the Stanley Cup was brought to China ahead of the 2018 NHL China Games which begin this week.  The Stanley Cup made several stops around Beijing and headed to Hong Kong on Tuesday before it makes its way to Shenzhen on Thursday.

The Boston Bruins will face-off against the Calgary Flames on September 15 and September 19 in Shenzhen.

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“For us to make hockey relevant in China it’s more of a two-pronged approach,” Daly said. “It’s a lot different from European markets, where hockey is developed. I think we have to be committed to grassroots youth hockey. We have to work with other parties who are willing to work on that, whether it be the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation), whether it be the KHL (Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League), anybody who is interested in building grassroots hockey. But we also think there is some value to bringing the world’s greatest players, the world’s greatest teams there so they can see hockey at its highest level. It’s important to expose our players, our teams in person. The Kings and Canucks laid some groundwork. We want to continue that going forward if not on a year to year basis certainly on a frequent basis.”

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