Things we learned from the World Cup of Hockey

Team North America is not as gimmicky as we thought
We all raised an eyebrow when we first heard about this, as if to say, “really?”.  It turns out that these kids can play with the big boys after all.  Much of the tournament talk surrounded North America, and how fast and exciting these U23s can play.


Team Europe finishes 2nd… who saw that coming?
It’s nice to see stars from countries (other than the big six) have international representation for a change.  Kopitar, Chara, Hossa, among other NHL stars deserve to be seen on an international stage.  Not only were they representing team Europe on the front of their jerseys, but they also had their home country’s flag stitched onto their sleeves.


Crosby is still the best player in the world
Canada has won 22 games straight when Sidney Crosby’s in the lineup.  He is a guy who changes the pace of a game and makes opposing professionals look amateur.  McDavid, you’ve got a few years to go before you reach Crosby.



John Tortorella is a dinosaur
After getting fired from NYR, no one saw the day that Torts would get the opportunity to coach in the NHL again… until Vancouver hired him.  Then after he was let go from the Canucks, we certainly thought he was done… then Columbus hired him.  Then team USA.  Is there something that all of us rational hockey fans are missing here?  He started his USA coaching tenure with a political statement, saying that he will bench any player that refuses to stand for the American national anthem (in reference to Colin Kaepernick’s protest).  Oh Torts… even though the game has changed, you have not.

This video is NSFW (2 uses of F-word).


Canada still owns hockey
Pre-tournament goal differential:

Canada +11
North America +3
Russia +3
Sweden +2
Europe +1
Czech Republic -6
USA -6
Finland -8

Things seemed too close for comfort in the final game, though Canada ended up getting the job done.  Aside from a couple shaky periods, Canada completely dominated the tournament currently sit atop of the hockey world.

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