We’re used to seeing broken sticks, but broken BEARDS?!? Thornton loses his beard in fight with Kadri

At Integral Hockey, we’re discussing broken hockey sticks all the time… it’s what we do!  Broken beards though?!?  This is a new one for us, and probably every other hockey fan in the world.  On Thursday night, San Jose Sharks were playing in Toronto.  The game started off with a good old fashioned fight, between Joe Thornton and Nazem Kadri.  Kadri grabbed at Thronton’s collar (as most players do in fights), but happened to grab more than just Thronton’s collar, he had a handful of Jumbo Joe Thornton’s beard.

Joe thornton beard rip


The pair wrestled each other to the ice, and as they get separated from one another you can see a chunk of Thornton’s beard on the ice.  Don’t believe us?  See for yourself…

Beard ripped out




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