Why I use Integral Hockey sticks

The following is a review that has been emailed to us, which we wanted to share with you.  We did not edit any of his words.  We’re very pleased with what this guy had to say about our products…


“I have been using Integral Hockey sticks for just a little over a year now, and I can honestly say that this is the best innovation to hit the hockey world since one-piece sticks were first introduced.  One-piece composite sticks were invented during my minor hockey years, and it took me a few seasons of physical growth to see any benefit from using one.  I ended up playing Jr A hockey, and I was always given free top-of-the-line sticks from my team.  Well, my glory days of hockey are over, and I’m now playing competitive beer league hockey – and no more free sticks.  At first, I was buying $100 one-piece sticks, because I still wanted to maintain good response in my stick, but I could never justify spending $300 +.  Straight up, those sticks are crap.  Absolute garbage.  I could barely feel the puck on my stick, and my control was awful.  I had been out of competitive hockey for a few years, so I thought that my skills were gone… but this wasn’t the case.


I had been introduced to Integral Hockey through a friend of a friend while we were out playing pickup hockey.  I didn’t like the idea of a refurbished stick, and rolled my eyes at the thought of me playing with it… in my mind, there was no way that it could be better than my $100 carbon fiber piece of s***.  It turned out that the refurbished stick my friend showed me was originally owned by Phil Kessel, and only used for one game.  The blade looked brand new, though I was shown the area where the repair was made (midway though the shaft).  If he hadn’t shown me the breakpoint, I would have never known.  The feel, flex, and weight… amazing.  I’m not sure how you guys did it, but man, thank you.  You’re saving me hundreds of $ per stick.  Thanks again, I will definitely recommend Integral Hockey to my teammates.”

The stick may make you play like Phil Kessel, but it will never give you Phil Kessel’s model-like looks.

If our sticks impress this beer league champion, they’ll certainly impress you.  If you have any questions about our sticks, email us (sales@integralhockey.com) or leave a comment below.

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